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The 2015 Plan

February 6, 2015

This post was originally posted on and has been archived here.

Hey Family and Friends,

I wanted to write a post summarizing what I spoke about at the end of my sermon from Luke 12:13-34 that I preached on February 2nd, 2015 titled Obey Jesus: Guard Against Greed.

You may be aware that Converge was struggling financially last year and wondering where we’re at with all that now. In what was a turning point for our church, I preached my first sermon on giving and stewardship titled “God is Generous” and we began the journey together of seeing our giving as an act of worship.

By God’s grace, through some good godly coaching, prayer, study and a few meetings, we’ve been able to work out a plan for 2015 that will enable us to be more effective at what God is calling us to. Below are 3 big news items that you need to know about.

What the 2015 Plan will accomplish

The plan for 2015 is 100% in the Lord’s hands and by God’s grace, it will help us to accomplish:

  • Increased ability to do ministry in reaching the lost of Campbell River
  • More opportunities for equipping the church for the works of ministry
  • Balanced budget going into 2016
  • It will mean more effective ministry in our STRATEGIES (Gatherings, Communities and Leadership Development)
  • Which means we will be fulfilling our MISSION to make disciples of Jesus.
  • And we will begin to realize our VISION to see “gospel saturation in the everyday life of every life in Campbell River and beyond.”

3 Components

  1. Partnership with the C2C Network & Fellowship Pacific
    • Some of you know one of the FEB Pacific leaders was sitting on our board since the early days, and he has since taken a position as a full-time pastor in a church in Surrey…the C2C Network has stepped in and one of their guys is now sitting on our board providing input and wisdom as we seek to do what God calls us to.
    • Both groups have looked favourably on our budget & plan for 2015 and want to help get there through prayer and financial support and their wisdom.
    • We will be receiving a grant from both C2C and FEB Pacific as a result of their partnership for church planting.
    • Their donation to Converge Church will help us recover from the deficit that we have been experiencing.
    • As a start in the right direction, we will be donating to each of these groups a small amount each month increasing it as is feasible until at the beginning of 2016, we come off of support from them and we begin to return the favour financially with a long term partnership to see churches planted all across Canada.
  2. Benny will be taking the C2C Church Planter Apprenticeship Assessment at the beginning of March.
    • They will give him prescriptions and recommendations that, Lord willing, we will be able to provide the learning environment for him and he will stay with us for an unknown amount of time as well as continue his studies as an Immerse Student.
    • This is all in God’s hands.
  3. Increased giving from you.
    • Finally, we are asking all of you who currently give to Converge as well as those of you who do not give to increase your generosity in 2015.
    • The hope is that at the end of every quarter, we will see an increase of $250/mo.. Not from each person, but from everyone as a whole group. Click on the graph below to see a clear picture.
    • 2015 giving increaseWe realize this is a big “ask,” but believe it is feasible and responsible. For some of you, giving more means  sacrificing, for others, it might not be that difficult at all. But all of us in Converge have been challenged.


Being Rich Toward God

We were challenged in the message from Feb 2 to be “rich toward God.” Being rich toward God means stewarding well all that he’s entrusted us with—time, talents and treasure.

As always, the best way to give to the growth of gospel through Converge is through our website at Please take the time to set up a recurring weekly or monthly donation (you can cancel it at anytime).

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