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Recent Reads – Oct 23, 2012

October 23, 2012

Recent Reads is a collection of blogs, articles and books I’ve been reading lately and thought well enough of them to share them with you. Click here for past Recent Reads.

Here are my recent reads for Tuesday October 23, 2012.

Leading Joe Blow into Mission

  • This article was a good challenge to me about leading our church into mission. My friend, Seth McBee illustrates for us that the Gospel frees us up from church programs and specialized positions in the church to be ambassadors of Jesus in our everyday lives. Have a read.

Preaching As Though We Had Enemies

  • Stanley Hauerwas’ 1995 article is quite academic, but very well written. Pastor John Piper called it “one of the best essays on preaching I ever read.” In it, Hauerwas highlights problems created by Modernity that we now have to deal with. Here’s a great quote, “God has entrusted us, His Church, with the best story in the world. With great ingenuity we have managed, with the aid of much theory, to make that story boring as hell. Theories about meaning are what you get when you forget that the Church and Christians are embattled by subtle enemies who win easily by denying that any war exists.

Millennial loneliness and the search for authenticity

  • Just had a conversation with a brother this morning that touched on the truth that there are a lot of people our age looking for authenticity…including us. This article via by Nick Bogardus explores this topic through consumerism, rebellion against consumerism and dealing with the pendulum effect between the two in a search for something in between.
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