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Post Roundup: my recent posts at the Times Colonist

September 11, 2012

Here is the collection of my most recent week of blogging at the Times Colonist Spiritually Speaking blog:

Misunderstanding on skid row leads to personal awakening. – Sept 1, 2012

I grew up in a privileged middle-income home where my need for necessity was always met. I had no concept of true hunger, or what it was like to live without shelter. I always had a pair of shoes on my feet and loving parents who protected me from harm. I never really rubbed shoulders with anyone who was poor or homeless….more.

NOTE: The TC decided to change the title to make it more flashy…it must have worked because this post got more than 1200 views in 2 days. Also, be sure to click through to the full article.


Food Bank Directors Expose Young Pastor’s Heart – Sept 4, 2012

Today, I can safely say I still have a long way to go in truly serving the under-privileged, under-resourced, down-trodden and oppressed, like Jesus did. I want to tell you more about how my heart is being shaped to care more, so let me continue the story and tell you a couple more stories that happened shortly thereafter….more.


Know Their Names: A Lesson in Serving the Least – Sept 7, 2012

I can’t remember who it was or where I was, but more recently (since beginning the church plant), I heard two men dialoguing about caring for the poor. One man was talking about how he cares for the poor by giving away clothes, food and money to various community charities and seemed to be quite proud of it, but then the other guy asked him a pointed question…more.


Click here to see more of my posts at the Times Colonist.

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