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August 14, 2012

Here are my recent reads for August 14, 2012.

Gospel Centered Life

  • This is a resource. I wanted to make sure I shared this with you because we recently started using this resource in our Gospel Communities and its been extremely helpful to us in declaring clearly what it is we believe about the Gospel to the people in our small groups. Its available as a download or as print.

3 Reasons We Dedicated Our 2 Sons

  • In the past (for reasons that were reactive rather than proactive) I had been an opponent of child dedication, but this article by a friend of mine helped me to see what dedicating our children is truly about. I look forward to dedicating the 4 (almost 5) newborn babies in our church family in the near future.

Dating, Relating and Fornicating

  • This is a post by Pastor Mark Driscoll in Seattle. He gives us a brief history of dating and offers some clear thinking on the biblical call to purity. I quote, “Though our culture wants to make cohabitation and casual sex seem normative and healthy, the statistics tell the truth—it’s destructive. God’s plan of chastity before marriage and fidelity in marriage is still the best plan.”

Why Speaking Well of your Spouse is so Important

  • I regularly read Michael Hyatt for leadership insights and helpful tips, but this post is about your marriage. I don’t think its important merely for leaders, but for everyone…speak well of your spouse…it helps.

Should we Stop Asking Jesus into our Hearts?

  • In this long, but good post from his forthcoming book, J.D. Greear asks talks about the not-so-biblical-yet-so-prevalent idea that we need to “invite Jesus into our heart.” Through a personal story, he helps us see that “The biblical summation of a saving response toward Christ is ‘repentance’ and ‘belief’ in the gospel.”

If you find something interesting from your own RECENT READS, let me know!

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