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Headed on holidays!

July 20, 2012

I just wanted to give you a quick summary and some announcements as I head out with my family for 2 weeks of holidays. If you have any important Converge Church stuff you need to discuss, please contact one of our very capable Gospel Community Leaders: Jeff Beselt, Mattias Morrison, Benny McGrath or Mike Eckert. If it can wait till I come back, feel free to email me, but don’t expect a reply…I’ll be out.

Sun, July 22: Jeff & Mattias will be sharing the preaching and continuing our great series through 1 Timothy. This week they’ll be in chapter 5 and talking about how the Gospel motivates us to care for our individual families and why the Church should corporately care for our extended family with the most needs (i.e. widows).

Sun, July 29: Converge will Scatter.

Sun, Aug 5: Open Gathering @ Spirit Square! Join us & be sure to share it with your friends!

I spent this week (July 16-20) speaking at a YWAM Hockey Camp (the first one in Campbell River). It was great to be able to proclaim the Gospel not only to the campers, but to the coaches who were leading the camp as well. I got to coach the last game they played too! [pic]

If you’re planning on signing up for the Gospel Leader (1 Year Residency), AWESOME! We’ve got about 12 people who have expressed interest, so make sure you start working on your Pre-Assessment because the application process will take you a little while to complete.

Grace & Peace.

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