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July 17, 2012

I’m always reading and often I’ll come across something that might be something you’re interested in. So I’ll be passing things along for you in posts of mine titled “Recent Reads”.

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Here’s my Recent Reads for July 16, 2012:

10 Painful Lessons from the Early Days of Mars Hill Church

  • I often tune in to the struggles of other church planters so that I don’t feel so lonely. There’s nothing like a good shot in the arm of “I’ve been there before.” Pastor Mark Driscoll has often said he’s someone who’s found the land mines by driving over them, and he’s been very helpful by pointing them out for us other guys. This is a helpful post with some good local applications for me.

Too Busy to be Missional?

  • A good quote to summarize it: “The key to combating the competing things that vie for our time and attention is to see mission not as something we do, but something we are. It’s an identity thing.”

Raising Gospel-Centered Children

The Pauline Cycle: Adorn the Gospel, Part 1

Enjoy! Find something interesting? Let me know! Find something you think I might be interested in? Pass it on!

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