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Occupy Jesus and other posts on the Kingdom of Heaven | my posts on the Times Colonist blog.

March 2, 2012

Once every 2 months for a week I get the opportunity to preach the Gospel on a newspaper multi-faith blog. Its a great way for me to interact with people who think completely different than me as well as help me to sharpen me in how I deliver the Good News to a country full of people that are very anti-Jesus in so many ways.

Here’s the list & a quote from my most recent week of posts:

Earthly Government and the Kingdom of Heaven. – 13 Feb 2012

Every single ideology has fallen short in some way. Some have come close, maybe, but no earthly government comes even close to the government of Jesus.

The Kingdom of Heaven is different than our government. – 14 Feb 2012

No, what I would ask you to do, however, is take a step back from our political spectrums of left vs. right and envision a kingdom entirely separate from this one. One that is not of this world. It is ruled by a king who shares generously from his immeasurable wealth, all that he has. Our loyalty to him comes not from fear of an iron fist, but from a heart that has been wooed.

The Kingdom of Heaven’s ruler is a loving father. – 15 Feb 2012

Even the BEST governments and the BEST fathers we’ve experienced here on Earth and throughout history, they are merely a glimpse of what life is like in the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Kingdom of Heaven expressed through the Church. – 16 Feb 2012

Now, the Kingdom of Jesus is not of this world. It is not a form of government, nor a particular political ideology. It is being lived out among us through the lives of peoplewho trust Jesus. The way we talk about it in our church community is that disciples of Jesus are a FAMILY of GOSPEL-BRINGING SERVANTS growing in living out everyday rhythms of life with the intention of bringing the message and ministry of the Gospel.

Occupy Jesus. – 18 Feb 2012

There is a longing in every human heart to have a just, generous and caring government, and I believe that there is one who is more than worthy of my vote and more than deserving of my trust – Jesus Christ.

View more of the posts I’ve written @ the Times Colonist blog.

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