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How I spent Jan 1st, 2012.

January 1, 2012


A few things happened today that got me thinking about the fact that this coming year is ultimately in God’s hands.

We started this unique Sunday, January 1st with a Church family gathering. This wasn’t any ordinary gathering, though. Our expression of the body of Christ (Converge Church) gathered with another expression of the body of Christ (Radiant Life Community Church)…together…as one. My brother-in-law, Benny McGrath and I led music, singing some great songs and leading the Church to worship God with songs from their hearts. Pastor Art preached a word of confident Hope and Peace that comes only through Jesus Christ. Afterwards, we helped set up tables as they geared up to feed some of Campbell River’s hungry men, women and children. The pastor’s wife, Sally said to my wife, Keely, “We should do this once a month…and wouldn’t it be great if we could become one?” (She was referring to both our churches.) And those of you who know me know that I don’t normally say things like this, but I got a sense of foreshadow…it was like God’s Spirit was telling me, “Don’t laugh this off.” Not necessarily saying that it will happen, but the fact that Jesus prayed that we be one (John 17) gives me reason to think that there are things in the coming year that may cause more expressions of the body of Christ to function more as one that we did in 2011.

Afterwards, my immediate family joined my Dad and Mom for a late lunch at their house. One of my resolutions is not to take moments like this for granted anymore. It was a memorable, enjoyable meal as the Leo Myles family was gathered around the table. My dad (Leo) and Mom (Pam). My brother (Matthew) and his fiancee (Jessica). My lovely wife (Keely Erin) and our children (Levi Joseph, Dexter Hugh Anthony and Talitha Snow). I couldn’t help but thank God for the opportunity to take a mental picture of the scene.

Then it was off to Keely’s parents place (Tony & Didi). New Years Day is also Keely’s youngest sister’s birthday. Emma turned 17 today…and it was fun to have ice-cream cake with her and their oldest sister (Kristen), who was celebrating a wedding anniversary with her husband (Marc). I got to spend a bit of time talking with one of Keely’s brother’s, Riley as well. Its always a restful and enjoyable time at the Teufel house.

Then, the late evening came with a phone call about an uncle of mine who is in the hospital…he’s okay…docs are looking after him well. But all of this family time and talk of partnering with other expressions of the body of Christ and with so many people talking about the end of the world has got me thinking about the important things…and really, about what God has called me to. Jesus said, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” (John 14:15) One of the commands he has left us with as his people is, “make disciples.” (Matthew 28:18-20)

Am I stressed about the upcoming year? If I’m honest? Yes. But my hope is in Christ. I know God is in charge and I am confident that I will go home to be with him one day, but for now, I pray that whatever God brings me and my family through this year, that we would make disciples along the way, enjoying Him with love and obedience.


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