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What is a Cadre?

June 20, 2011

This was originally written in my weekly Converge Church Prayer update (found here), but I decided to include it on my blog because I love these guys so much.

What is a “cadre”?

As you are reading this [June 14, 2011], I’m in Vancouver for a Church Planting BC Cadre. When I talk about it, lots of people ask me the question, “What is a cadre?” So I thought I’d answer that question as well as talk about why its important.

cadre |ˈkadrē |
A small group of people specially trained for a particular purpose or profession : a small cadre of scientists.

In this case, its not scientists, but Church Planters & apprentices, and I wouldn’t say we’re a bunch of fully trained church planting experts, but rather a bunch of guys learning from each other, learning from other more experienced guys, etc. This week, in fact, we’re learning a bit about Gospel Communities from Jeff Vanderstelt of Soma Communities in Tacoma.

Its been great to be able to bring a few of our leaders along with us when they can make it as well.

Being a part of a group of guys like this one (similar to a smaller Canadian version of Acts 29), is important for me as a Church Planter for a few reasons, but I’ll give you the top two:

  1. Knowing and being friends with the other pastors in my region who are in the same battle as me in this church planting circus is a huge benefit to me as well as to the people I lead. These guys give me encouragement, ideas and a bit of perspective when its needed. There’s a lot of loneliness among pastors (not only church planters) because they feel like they are alone…having brothers like this is an enormous blessing.
  2. Learning. I need to continue to learn and grow in my understanding of the Word of God and in learning and interpreting the culture around me so that I can speak the Gospel clearly to everyone I meet. These cadre’s have some very good Gospel teaching times that not only help me to know the Gospel better, but challenge my heart and give me a deeper love for Christ and his Church.
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