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This is what we live for?

June 16, 2011

Vancouver Canucks lost in the Stanley Cup Final.

Vancouver rioters, looted, set fires and beat up people trying to keep the peace.

Throughout the playoffs, the words “THIS IS WHAT WE LIVE FOR” were broadcasted everywhere from the TV to baby bibs signifying the hope and devotion of the Vancouver Canuck fans in their run for the Stanley Cup. You could even set up you computer screen with a background like the one on the left here.


What you live for is what you worship.

It doesn’t matter who you are, whether you’re a rioter who gets joy in destroying a city or simply a true fan who was hoping against all hope that the Canucks could pull out a win…all of that hope and joy will fade.

You can’t put your faith in a goalie, he’ll let you down eventually. You can’t put your faith in 2 of the best goal scorers in the NHL, the twins will let you down too. And they did that last night.

Our world is increasingly void of real heroes. Some of the real heroes were those trying to keep the peace last night and those who are downtown right now volunteering their time to help clean up the mess. Its built into us to look for heroes and seek out people to put our faith in…why do you think all the new superhero movies are making so much money?

What we all need is something or someone to put our faith in. Many of us (and you can lump me in here too) continually put our hope in things that do not satisfy and people who let us down. What we need is someone who wins. Someone who will never let us down.

Here’s what I’m saying. The only thing we can put our faith in that will never let us down is a person, a true Hero for all. His name is Jesus Christ.

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