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Quote from Organized Religion is Dying |

April 21, 2011

Here is a quote from a great post by Tyler Jones on my favorite blog,

Simply put, the average church and the average Christian in America do not understand or believe the Gospel.

This particular post highlights the sad fact that much of the church in North America has lost touch with the message for which it exists – the Gospel. If a church is shrinking and people are walking out the doors, my guess is the Gospel is not being taught accurately or at all.

Canada is no different. In the past few months I’ve talked to at least a dozen people in some of these churches that are losing large amounts of people or are stuck in their growth as the population of the city around them continues to climb.

What’s the problem? I think its pretty clear, actually. Simply put, the church, in order to remain the church must never lose sight of the centrality and the sufficiency of the Gospel.

Here’s another quote:

The gospel of Jesus is the most revolutionary force known; it is the only thing that changes hearts….Churches that live, teach, and believe the Gospel are prevailing; not even the gates of Hell can stand against gospel-centered churches!

I was privileged to speak about the small beginnings of Converge Church to a “cadre” of church planters in Vancouver last Tuesday. Want to know what I asked these 120+ men to pray for us about? That we would remain focused on the Gospel…its all we have.

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