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4 Ways to Support Converge Church – Series Recap

March 25, 2011

4 Ways to Support Converge Church | Series Recap.

Part 1 – Talk About Us.

The first and by far the easiest way to support Converge Church is by talking about us. I know that you know someone who would be interested to know about Converge Church.

Part 2 – Pray for us.

In a sense, this is the same as part one, only instead of asking you to talk to other people about us, we’re asking you to talk to God about us.

Part 3 – Finance us.

When it comes to finances, everyone has a little bit they can give. Matthew 6:21 – For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Part 4 – Join us.

I can’t rule out the possibility that God may be calling some people, as he already has, and maybe even YOU to join us in this crazy expedition-like adventure called “Planting a Church in Campbell River.”

As a bonus, below is a picture of the original construction of the Lion’s Gate Bridge in Vancouver (taken in 1937). Have a look around at that picture. An interesting history piece about the men paving the deck in this picture is that they were local Vancouver guys who didn’t necessarily have a skilled trade or a job for that matter. They weren’t all educated enough to engineer the bridge or even tension the cables, but in taking the opportunity to do what they could, they became a part of history in making this big project come together.

Thank-you for supporting Converge Church.


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