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Converge Church – Update #7

February 15, 2011

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Gospel Community is a way of life, not an event.

“Gospel Community is a way of life, not an event.” And that’s exactly the reason I decided to stop making Facebook events for what we’ve been calling Gospel Community at my house on Thursday nights. I’ve been recently convicted that Gospel-shaped Communities living on-Mission are various expressions of the Church, which is a people, not an event.

Saturday was more like a “basic training” day for Converge Church than it was “Gospel Community Training.” Reason I say that is because we gave about 20 adults a shot-in-the-arm with a lot of foundational good-stuff for what the church is, where it gets its identity and how we can live out our everyday rhythms of life with gospel-intentionality.

Family gatherings can be messy & fun.

We’ve been in the Campbell River Community Centre now for two very exciting Sundays and have been working out the bugs as we go. It truly has been fun, because we’re family and even though everything doesn’t always go smoothly…that’s not the point. The point as we gather together, like a family reunion, to be equipped, to celebrate our God who has been working in and through us throughout the week giving him glory and gathering around the table to participate together in common-union “communion” as we become better identified in who God is and what he has done for us through Jesus Christ. And it truly is a JOY to gather with unified family!

So if you’d like to hear the sermons (the audio is actually not that bad for being recorded from the built-in mic on an iPhone sitting in the middle of the room), we have a “preview” website up & you can listen to the sermons we’ve recorded so far there.

Prayer Points

Praise: + Many of those who call Converge Church “family” are quite committed to where we’re headed. They’re on board, eager to live out the gospel in their spheres of influence. Everyone of them is a blessing to the church in Campbell River. + We are very close to being an official Charitable Society!

Prayer: + Pray for those who are pursuing the life that reflects gospel-shaped community. Some will be making connections with neighbours, friends and relatives with a new set of glasses on. + Pray that our family would truly know the power and purpose of the Gospel.

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