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Save your files and help Converge Church

February 10, 2011

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Ever lost a bunch of files because of hard-drive failure? Well, I have. And anyone who has had this happen to them knows that its so important to have backups of your favourite pictures, important files and documents.

One of the easiest ways I’ve found to backup my files is by using the free 2GB of space from Dropbox. Its also a great way to share files between computers, smartphones & friends!

There’s 2 ways to get more space: 1) purchasing space (for a lot of money) or 2) referring friends, relatives and long-lost uncles.

I’m now using my backup space to backup important files for Converge Church and would love for you to sign up for Dropbox using my referral links found all over this post. When you sign up (using my link), not only will I receive an additional 250MB, but so will you!

What are you waiting for? Your hard drive to crash? Sign up for 2GB (giga-bytes) of free online storage NOW & help Converge Church backup our files!

Not convinced? Watch this short video on Dropbox in plain english.

Now, sign up for Dropbox.

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