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Converge Church – Update #5

February 2, 2011

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Arriving at Home.

By the time most of you read this, I’ll nearly be home from a week-long trip with two of my brothers, Mattias Morrison & Jeff Beselt. We set the GPS’s “home” to the address we were staying at so that we didn’t get lost, and it would say, “arriving at home” to us every day…I’m going to set it to my home address today so that when I actually do make it back to the Riv, it’ll be a music to my ears.

We’ve attended an “immersion” into this body of Christ, Soma Communities here in Tacoma, WA, called Soma School.

If you’re a part of the Converge Church family, then you’ll likely hear a lot about the Story of God, about our identity in Christ being of utmost importance and about how our natural rythms of life can be lived with gospel-intentionality.

This week, if you join us for Gospel Community, you’ll hear Jeff Beselt and myself tell a bit of our story of our time in Tacoma.

We’re super excited to be gathering on Sunday at the Campbell River Community Centre. Be sure to read last weeks update about that.

Please continue to pray for Keely and I and this family known as Converge Church.

Prayer Points

Praise: + New friendships with people in Tacoma. + Knowing and being identified in the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Prayer: + That Jeff, Mattias & I will be able to share well what we have learned from the brothers & sisters at Soma and work at living out our natural rhythms of life with Gospel intentionality. + For protection from the schemes of the evil one.

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