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Converge Church – Update #4

January 25, 2011

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2011 Update #4 - Converge Church - 25 Jan

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We’re moving in Downtown!

So, this past Sunday was pretty crazy in Ben & Sarah Badgero’s “carthedral”. It was actually kinda fun having to bump into people in order to make my way across the room. Most leadership dudes will say that when you’re 80% full, if you want to grow, you’ve gotta move. Picture this: you walk into in a room that’s 80% full of people you are not familiar with, it feels like that group is full and has no room for anyone else.

We NEVER want to give that impression.

Which is why starting Sunday February 6th, 2011, we’re moving into the Community Centre in downtown Campbell River! Its been a great 4 Sundays at the beloved “carthedral,” and we’ve graciously been invited to continue to use it from time to time, but we must move on.

In all seriousness, I’m praying that more people will consider joining us to live in gospel-centered community for the transformation of our lives and the redemption of our city.

This coming Sunday, we are “scattering”.

This will be our habit on the last Sunday of every month. The idea is that the church exists to worship God and as a result of that, to live in community with each other and go “on mission” bringing that good news to the city in which we live. We’re not asking anyone to do anything that’s awkward or weird, but to simply open your eyes to the people God has already placed around you and ask questions like, “Which of my neighbours can I serve?” “What’s going on in Campbell River that I can be a part of?” “Who have I been meaning to get to know?” For more on this, see my re-post of Simplified Missional Living.

Prayer Points

Praise: + Jesus is building his church (I NEVER say that without meaning it). + There’s more sound equipment being given to us!

Prayer: + Myself, Jeff Beselt & Mattias Morrison are heading out for a week at a church in Tacoma for Soma School. Pray that we are able to apply our learning to Converge Church & for our families as we are away. + Pray that we will all continue to look to the Gospel as our motivation and NOTHING else.

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