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4 Ways to Support Converge Church – Part 4

January 24, 2011

4 Ways to Support Converge Church | Visit the Series Recap for all 4.

Part 4 – Join us.


I can’t rule out the possibility that God may be calling some people, as he already has, and maybe even YOU to join us in this crazy expedition-like adventure called “Planting a Church in Campbell River.”

I’m asking you to think about it, read about it, pray about it, and ask God if he may be leading you to join the mission of Converge Church here in Campbell River. I’d love to talk to you about what it might look like for you to join us, so don’t hesitate to contact me.

The reality is that we’re going to need more Gospel Community Leaders, people to set-up chairs, serve coffee, music leaders, childcare leaders, Church Planters-in-training, elders-in-training, people simply to be on-mission in this city and beyond in their natural way of life where God has already placed them.

For some who read this, it may mean asking for the blessing from your existing church community and pastor to send you into the “mission field” of Campbell River where you already live (this is exactly what some have done already and we are extremely grateful and blessed to have every one). Or perhaps Campbell River is not your home, and God may be asking a bigger leap of faith from you…to sell your house, pack up your family, and move here to join us in this adventure.

Either way, we need your support whether its by talking about us, praying for us, financing us or joining us.

Pic credit: ecrokid


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