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2011 Update #2 – Converge Church

January 11, 2011

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2011 Update #2 - Converge Church - 11 Jan

Awkward Phase!

Its not as bad as it sounds, really.

We’ve grown in our Gospel Community gathering to a point where we are more than full at our house. And the truth is, that its way more exciting than it is awkward. So, we need to train new Gospel Community leaders, and turn them loose birthing new Gospel Communities in other neighbourhoods of Campbell River!

We began gathering at Ben & Sarah’s “car-thedral” and we are pretty much filled up in there too! We’re in process of selecting an affordable facility in Campbell River & the news of where and when will be forthcoming (within the next couple of weeks). But what I can tell you at this point is that more than likely, we will be gathering in a facility in the downtown core most likely in early February.

Prayer Points

Praise: + God is more than providing for our needs, he is blessing us indeed.

Prayer: + We need wisdom in the decisions we make in the next few weeks and months as we attempt to maintain this momentum. + We need more donors to support our work financially (individuals, groups & churches).


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