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2011 Update #1 – Converge Church

January 4, 2011

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2011 Update #1 - Converge Church

Vista! A New Year!

Vista = a vision, a view presented to the mind in prospect or in retrospect by the imagination.

This is truly a “vista” time in the life of Converge Church.

As we look at Campbell River and beyond with the vision that God is giving to us we anticipate what God will do in and through Converge Church in 2011! We are all very excited for our regular Sunday gatherings, once a month “scatter”, additional Gospel Communities and reaching out in other neighborhoods of Campbell River, but more than anything…the hope is this…

Jesus will build his church…and we will watch it happen.

I am excited for this. If you could hear the prayers, heart cries and conversations of the people who make up Converge Church, you would be able to sense the excitement building as we eagerly anticipate 2011 together.

What’s Next?

  • Weekly Sunday Gatherings (starting Jan 9 @ 750 2nd Ave. in Campbell River)
  • Last Sunday of every month “Scatter” (Gospel Communities on mission where they live)
  • Soma School for Jeff, Mattias & Myself (Gospel – Community – Mission training)
  • Gospel Community Training & launching
  • Regular Men’s & Women’s Prayer meetings
  • Find an inexpensive, yet strategic location to lease by March

Prayer Points

Praise: + We are starting off 2011 with a regular gathering! + We anticipate God’s work in us as he promises to build his Church! + The people who make up Converge Church want to be discipled and equipped for the works of ministry!

Prayer: + We are looking for a relatively inexpensive yet strategic location for our regular Sunday Gatherings by March. + We need large donors to support our work financially for 3 years (potentially other churches, groups or individuals).

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