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Ye (Canadians) of Little Faith – Part 1

December 22, 2010

Ye (Canadians) of Little Faith

O Canada. Our home and native land.

I read a lot of articles, studies, reports and things about faith in Canada. I do so, because as a pastor in Canada, I want to know Canadians well and it is pretty hard sometimes to cut through the sheer amount of American data that influences Canadian pastors and church leaders.

Info and study from other parts of the world can be extremely valuable, and indeed, I do depend deeply on it, but lets face it, Canadians are unique. We have a patriotism rooted in our own soil with our own history and it simply won’t do to be lumped together with our neighbours to the south…even when it comes to matters of faith.

There are many writers who would suggest that Canadians are full of faith, while a little deeper study should reveal that the evangelical Christian population is shrinking and churches are closing doors.

In this series, “Ye (Canadians) of Little Faith,” I hope to address some of the symptoms facing the wider church today and attempt to get at the root of what it means to be a truly Canadian Christian.

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