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4 Ways to Support Converge Church – Part 2

December 10, 2010

4 Ways to Support Converge Church | Visit the Series Recap for all 4.

Part 2 – Pray for us.

Please. Pray for us.

In a sense, this is the same as part one, only instead of asking you to talk to other people about us, we’re asking you to talk to God about us.

I’ve been there before where someone has asked me to pray for them, or I’ve just said in passing, “I’ll pray for you.” And then walked away and never spoken a word to my Heavenly Father about that person. Horrible.

I’ve strived to not do that anymore by pausing right away to pray with the person at the moment, or by praying immediately afterwards, or if I have to, I’ll write it down in my calendar & put a reminder on it.

We are asking you to put us on your list. If you’re a pastor, put us in your program/bulletin & ask the little old lady in your church that prays everyday to put us on her list too!

Pray for wisdom in the many decisions we have to make.

Pray for the favour of those who are in a position to help us out. We have a lot of needs and God is Provider.

Pray that we continue to focus on the Gospel for all our motivation.

Pray that God calls the people of Campbell River to himself through faith in Jesus Christ.

Pray for protection of me and my family and others who have joined us on the front lines of this mission.

Pray that we would acknowledge God our Father in all aspects of life as we live as the church among the people in our community.

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