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Converge Church Update #7

December 7, 2010

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Update #7


ˈadˌvent : arrival, appearance; the arrival of a notable person or event.

Advent is the time of year, when someone stands up in front at church, reads a passage of scripture about the Christmas story and lights a candle every week until Christmas Eve, right? But WHY do we do it?

We light a new candle every week leading up to Christmas because it symbolizes the increasing hope Jesus gives as we reflect on the anticipation felt by the world prior to his first coming and think about what it means to be expecting his second coming, living in between the advents.

Converge Church gots plans!

Proverbs 16:9 “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.”

Over the past month many of us at Converge Church have been praying and talking about what we’re going to do in the coming months. Wondering how its all going to work out. Well, now we have a few things planned and we could really use your prayers on them as the excitement builds.

Our first “official” Sunday gathering will be on December 19th at 10:30am in the renovated carport of Ben & Sarah Badgero located at 750 2nd Ave. Not a ton of room there, but its a great start & free rent is awesome!

We will also be hosting a Christmas Eve Celebration in our neighbourhood! Starting at our house, Keely and I will gather people (881 Cortez Rd.) & we will walk together singing carols as we go, gathering people as we go & ending at Simms Creek Farm, Beselt’s & Morrison’s place (999 Merecroft Rd.) for the final Advent candle, hot chocolate, good times and friends!

Keep track by following our Events on Facebook! And please continue to pray for us and use your gifts to support us.

Prayer Points:

+ Pray that the we will be sensitive to the Lord’s leading as he goes before us while we look for a facility to lease/rent in the downtown area.
+ Pray that I would preach the Gospel with boldness every opportunity I get and that many would hear it.
+ Praise that more are joining our team to be a part of Converge Church in its early stages.
+ Praise that both men and women of Converge Church want to be discipled and are eager to see the gospel planted in peoples hearts in Campbell River.

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