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Converge Church Update #6

November 30, 2010

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I couldn’t preach on Sunday.

Everyone’s gotta catch the flu once in a while. And that’s just what I did this past Saturday night and early Sunday morning…and it was bad (at least for one full night). I think I’ll leave it at that.

When I get sick I am reminded of how fragile life really is, to pray for friends who are sick and people like this who deal with sickness everyday.

Since we were meeting at the portable on the reserve, it was a natural fit for Brody to fill in for me and I am thankful that he could.

Leadership Development

But being sick also reminds me about the desperate need for leadership development in all expressions of the body of Christ. Without it, existing leaders can never take proper time off, without realizing it the people become very dependent on their leaders and all of it leads to burnout.

At Converge Church, we want to make disciples who make disciples who are ever maturing into the image of Christ. Through the process of discipleship and through regular serving, potential leaders will begin to emerge and it will become evident that some are being called to lead. We want to identify those leaders, coach them, give them opportunities, equip and release them for their role, whether it be Deacon, Gospel Community leader, Elder, Church Planter or something else.

Every Christian is called to be a maturing disciple of Jesus Christ and to serve among the church. The question is, are you someone God is calling to lead?

Prayer Points

+ For Brody Naknakim, myself and other leaders in Converge as we discuss what it will look like to continue gathering at the reserve while we start gathering elsewhere as well.

+ For a number of us who’ve been under the weather lately.

+ For protection for my family.

+ For those in our church who have out-of-town work.

+ Praise that Jesus is building his church.

+ Praise that God is providing for us as a family and for our church.

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