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ESV Paperback Bibles to Give Away!

November 23, 2010

I’m excited to have gotten these in the mail today from Chapters.

We plan to have a boat load of these Bibles on hand all the time so that we never hesitate in giving them away at Converge Church.

In fact, this is one of the ways you can support Converge Church! Visit my Chapters or Amazon wishlists and order enough of these to get free shipping & ship them to Converge Church (881 Cortez Rd. Campbell River, BC  V9W6J9).

I will regularly preach from the ESV (English Standard Version). Its what I use most of the time for study and it is widely accepted as the most accurate contemporary English language translation that we have available to us today. But don’t take my word for it.

I can’t wait to give away our first batch.

Other ways to support Converge Church.

If you don’t have an ESV Bible and you purchase a batch of these for us, we’ll definitely give you one to enjoy! 😉 Thanks for the consideration.


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