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Converge Church Update #3

November 9, 2010

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God has been abundantly gracious to us in so many ways. We are excited about the momentum that is building for Converge Church. With local paper exposure, people bringing their friends out to Gospel Community (so much so that our home is too crowded) and multiple multiple connections being made, there is reason to believe that we are in need of starting a Sunday gathering and launching new Gospel Communities sooner than later. Let me share some cool updates with you.

We originally budgeted $43,000 for startup costs which includes things like a complete sound system, A/V equipment, domain, website & logo stuff, tables & chairs, toys for kids, a wage for me so I could put all my time towards it, some office supplies, registering as a charity, ESV paperback Bibles to be able to give away, maybe some staging, maybe some advertising, eventually a place to rent and a bunch of other stuff.

As of today, we have had donated to us: an essentially complete sound system, logo design, legal help w/ registering the charity, an office, 100+ chairs, a photocopier, our domain registration and a temporary website, we’ve been featured in the North Island paper (free advertising), been given a 45 cup coffee maker, a filing cabinet & a few other odds and ends.

And to make a long story short, all of this would bring our startup costs down to about $34,000 and as of last week, Fellowship Pacific informed me that we have had a little over $36,000 donated towards our startup costs! Praise the Lord!

The need is still great and we are looking for 50 people to commit to giving $8.33 per month for 3 years toward ongoing costs (as well as other church partners). For more information on other items that we are in need of (ie: whiteboard, laptop, projector, screen, audio snake, mics), or if you’d like more information on our budget or how to give, please email me and I would be happy to answer your questions.

More and more as I get into the nitty gritty of Church planting and meeting people in Campbell River and beyond, I am realizing that the spiritual need is even greater than we could have anticipated and my heart breaks hard for the people here. There are many in Campbell River who are like sheep without a shepherd. Join us in this great work through prayer and by giving as we seek to reach the 96% of Campbell River who never step inside the doors of an evangelical gathering.

Converge Church is building momentum and gathering support from people like you.

There is more exciting news coming that I couldn’t share with you today. But stay tuned and stay in prayer for us.

Prayer Points:

NEED: We need to be so tenaciously committed to the Gospel of Jesus and never losing sight of our reason for existence. We need to be identified with Jesus Christ, enjoying his salvation worshipping him, living in community like a family with each other and going on mission in the everyday places God sends us to.
PRAISE: God has provided all of our startup costs!
NEEDS: We need to widen our support base and see many more donors giving generously and regularly.
PRAISE: Momentum is building!
NEED: Grace to be wise in the decisions we need to make as God is leading us forward.


You can now give to Converge Church via PayPal, one time donations or automatic withdrawal. Read all about it on my blog’s Support Page.

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