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Nice intro to Converge Church in the North Island Midweek

October 27, 2010

There was a very nice introduction to Converge Church in the North Island Midweek on Oct 13, 2010 written by Paul Rudan. He did an excellent job of telling our story.

I was pretty excited to get the word out there to communities from Courtenay all the way to Port Hardy that we’re planting a church centered around the Gospel of Jesus.

Read the whole thing and here’s a couple quotes to whet your appetite.

…It sounds pretty simple, but we want (our church) to be Gospel-centred…the Gospel is not just the A,B,Cs of Christianity, it’s the A to Z. It’s the whole thing.

For now, Converge Church does not have a permanent home, but Myles would like to see it in the Willow Point area of Campbell River. It will happen, he says, in “God’s time,” and he expects it to take root and spread to other Island communities.

Interested in becoming a part of Converge Church or want to support what we’re doing? Visit for more info, or contact me.


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