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Converge Church Update #2

September 28, 2010

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Back to Seattle

As you are reading this, Keely and I are in Seattle at the Acts 29 Network Bootcamp. We’ll be hearing from and interacting with some of the most influential Church Planters and Pastors from across North America. We will also be joined by friends and co-laborers in Church Planting from BC as well as friends I met through Re:Train last year.

We’re excited to be assessed on Friday in hopes of eventually becoming a part of the Acts 29 Network brotherhood of churches and planters from all over the world…a movement that is clearly and distinctly gospel-centered.

To find out more about the Acts 29 Network, visit their about page on their blog.


Fellowship Pacific:

We’ve also been working with the association of churches known as Fellowship Pacific: a denomination I grew up and have served in since Jr. High and a group of people I have a deep love for. They have been very supportive to Keely and I in this process and are providing a strong accountability structure for us as we move forward.

Fellowship Pacific has agreed to carry our finances and donations until we attain full non-profit status, and by God’s grace, they have also committed substantial financial support to Converge Church over the next 3 plus years.



Converge Church has been meeting regularly on Wednesday evenings at our house in hopes of building some group identity and starting to mature in the vision which God has given us: “Gospel Community for the transformation of our lives and the redemption of our city.” We’ve got a bunch of children that join us for prayer, communion and singing a few songs, and we study the Bible and interact with each other in hopes of applying the Gospel to each other holding each other accountable in community and talking about what the mission has looked like for us recently.

I’m really looking forward to be working on discipleship with men, and so we’re starting with a study on a book called “Total Church: A Radical Reshaping of the Church around Gospel and Community” on Monday mornings.

Many people ask, “When are you going to start gathering on Sundays?” and my answer so far has been, “We want to stop going to church and start being the church.” I know that many of those who have joined us at Converge Church GET IT–they really do, but I’m hoping that while we’re working at getting a location settled and all the logistics that go along with that, that we can at the same time create such a strong culture in our group of being the church during the week that when we begin to gather on Sundays as a whole group, that it will become an overflow of what God has been doing in our lives and “converge” at the Gospel of Jesus Christ together.


Prayer Points:

Please pray that Keely and I will really benefit from and soak up as much as we can at bootcamp.

Please pray that we would continue to be motivated by the Gospel and not by anything else.

Please pray that we would be protected from and stand firmly in Christ against the schemes of the evil one.

Please pray that as we begin raising funds for Converge Church, that the right donors would come into place and would love to be a generous blessing to the work of the Gospel here in Campbell River.

Please praise God that we have so much support and care from those in our lives.

There really is so much to praise God for. Keely and I have been talking about evidences of God’s grace on our lives over the last while, and God’s timing in all things is perfect. We are so blessed and excited to be a part of what he is doing!

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