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Converge Church – Fundraising and Support

September 16, 2010

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Also visit the support page on this blog to find out exactly how to donate to Converge Church.

Its all about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

“The church is set up to proclaim the Gospel. Therefore, the spread of the church is the spread of the Gospel.”

Over the past few years, God has grown in me, Mark Myles, a burning desire to see the gospel of Jesus Christ planted in peoples lives through new churches. Keely and I both know that Jesus is using us to plant the gospel in people’s hearts in Campbell River, a place we know and love.

Campbell River is in desperate need of more gospel-centered churches that are reaching the lost people of Campbell River. Out of the 7 or 8 evangelical churches in Campbell River, only 2000 people could even attend church on a Sunday morning, yet there are more than 32,000 people (census 2006) in Campbell River with estimates of close to 40,000 by 2013.

Who will go to the remaining 94% of the people in our city? Can our existing churches accomplish this great task alone?

converge church

Gospel-centered community for the transformation of our lives and the redemption of our city.

KNOW the Gospel ::: growing in our IDENTITY in Jesus Christ
ENJOY the Gospel ::: WORSHIP our loving King in all of life
APPLY the Gospel ::: living in COMMUNITY with other believers
BRING the Gospel ::: live on MISSION where we live

Gospel Communities, Sunday Gatherings, and Discipleship

Phase 1…

  • Cast vision, gather a committed core, get under authority and garnish support.
  • Start living in Gospel Community and begin discipleship & leadership development
  • Search for a Sunday Gathering location and set a plan for childcare

Phase 2…

  • Appoint new Elders and Deacons to the team
  • Launch Sunday Gatherings and new Gospel Communities in Campbell River

Phase 3…

  • Continue discipleship process through Gospel Class, Gospel Communities
  • Launch a new Gospel Community on Mt. Washington

Phase 4…

  • Launch a new Gospel Community in Courtenay/Comox area

Phase 5…

  • Launch Sunday Gatherings and new Gospel Communities in Courtenay/Comox

I’d like you to consider supporting Converge Church.

Converge Church is gathering support from other FEB Pacific churches, other like-minded churches as well as from generous donors from outside our community.

Financially support Converge Church:

We are looking for a total commitment of $5000/yr for 3yrs from other FEB Pacific churches, $2500/yr for 3yrs from other churches, and $5000/yr decreasing every year for 3yrs from other donors.

Our budget includes a full-time salary for myself, website development, resources for discipleship and leadership development, resources for missional engagement, and ESV Paperback Bibles (to give away).

Other ways to support Converge Church:

Pray for us. We have a great task and a great King who can provide all of our needs.

Promote us among your people: talk about Converge Church from your pulpit, encourage others in your church and peer group to support us or simply mention us in conversation.

Promote us through your website and on Social Media (click on the share buttons below).

We are praising God that he has already provided some of our startup costs through pledges from Converge Church’s core and others. FEB Pacific, also is providing help, accountability and financial support.

Converge Church has a core group of 12 adults (representing 20 children) who own the vision and are excited to see God at work among them for the growth of the kingdom.

Another church in Campbell River has also provided me with office space at no charge and we are receiving an entire sound system.

Mark Myles ::: pastormarkmyles(at) :::

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