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We Need Men, Not Boys

September 14, 2010

Sadly, leadership abdication has been an issue for men ever since the garden of Eden.

When the Serpent was spewing lies to Eve, Adam was standing there with a stupid look on his face. Read it yourself in Genesis 3:1-6. It was Adam’s place and was in his power to act, but he did nothing. Men ever since then have been following in this failing ancestor’s footsteps. I also spoke a sermon on this  a while back.

It is only by the power of the Gospel that we can be transformed from boys to men of God to follow in the footsteps of THE man, the GOD-man, Jesus Christ and lead in a way that God intended both in our homes and in the church.

The following video is a call to men to be GOSPEL men. Men who lead in our homes and in our church.

If you’re a part of Converge Church, I’m challenging you to join me in this pursuit taking our discipleship seriously and striving to be the kind of man that is equal to the task of Fatherhood and leadership in the Church because of the transforming grace of God through the power of the Gospel.

Watch the video.

Are you with me? If so, we’re going to be having a men’s group meet together weekly in the early mornings for prayer, accountability and studying the Bible. Let me know.

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  1. Mattias permalink
    September 15, 2010 12:47 pm

    I’m with you! Thanks for the post and the video link.

  2. Susan March permalink
    September 16, 2010 4:45 pm

    Wow, I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this clip. I am getting a little tired of mini (and major) sermons slamming women as a way to raise up men, (it’s easy to pick on a group that has traditionally taken beatings for the sake of their families and others…) but this wasn’t like that at all. I like the line, “I want to build a church, not a museum”. Lots to think about. Mentoring has long been neglected. I think people have the impression that you have to “sign up” to either teach younger ones or be taught – but it’s about relationships that cross ages and stages of life, and choosing wisely who you take counsel from, and taking seriously who you give counsel to.
    S M

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