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My last Sunday at CR Baptist

May 30, 2010
CR Baptist Church Staff

Hey! What's that over there!

What a privilege it has been to be on staff at CR Baptist Church. Its really been a lot of fun. Working with Randy, Stan, Robin, Adrian, June, Bob & Clarence (& Jonathan back in the day) has been a blast.

1 November 2006 was my first day, 4 June 2010 will be my final day and today is my last Sunday.

My progression for leaving CR Baptist started a little more than a year ago when Keely & I were asked to attend a Church Planters Assessment Centre in Burnaby. The assessment prescribed some time, more background experience and training before heading out to start a new church, so we waited for the right opportunity to come up. Re:Train was starting their inaugural year, so I applied and was privileged to be accepted.

This pushed Keely and I to really think and pray about God’s leading and if this was the right step for us. As we stepped out in faith, the board custom-made a half-time position to allow me more time to work on my Masters Degree at Re:Train. While doing this, CR Baptist would be actively pursuing finding someone new to fill the now open full-time Children’s Director position.

I don’t believe in coincidences, and really, the way things seem to be working out has proven God’s active work in the life of CR Baptist as well as in my own life and I praise him for it.

So now, the church has found a new Children’s Director in Rick Bugslag and I am happy he is taking over this week. I am nearing the end of my Master of Missional Leadership, and next Sunday, I’ll be headed down to Seattle for Coaching Certification, Thesis Presentations and Graduation. With my Thesis being due July 1, it really works out for me to have the excess time in June to finish it rather than still being on staff at the church. God’s timing is perfect.

We depend on God for provision. We are so grateful to know that our church is taking up a special gift-offering for us today and giving an opportunity for everyone at CR Baptist to be involved in providing for our needs. I’m looking forward to preaching tonight (I’ll post my manuscript later).

Many have asked, “Where are you headed?” The answer, truly, at this point is, “God knows.” We have some “iron’s in the fire” and we’re “testing door knobs,” but the reality right now is that it is up to him now. Where we go, if anywhere, is in God’s hands and we pray that when it comes time to act that we can truly see and say, “God has done it.”

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  1. Mattias permalink
    May 30, 2010 9:35 pm

    Marko, thanks for all your work at CRBC! We love you and are praying for you guys!

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