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Re:Train Reflections #7

May 12, 2010

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March 25 – 28, 2010


Ferry in the morning…rain. We get a lot of this wet stuff living on the West Coast, but the truth is, we’d never get the lush greenery without it.

From Re:Train #7

Drove to Bellingham…I actually like that little city.

Went to the Copper Hog w/ Dane & Jahnel Burgess (friends of mine from Redeemer) to watch the opening home game for the Seattle Sounders. They won 2-0. Good game.

From Re:Train #7

Visited w/ Rob & Kati Berreth, pastor of Redeemer, Bellingham & my cohort leader in Re:Train. We had a great time, but stayed up too late talking gospel, adoption & dental insurance. Good stuff.


Drove to Seattle with Rob…we always have a good time for that hour and a half drive to Seattle talking Gospel.

Pastor Sam Storms taught us about the Pastor as Priest (in the triperspectival model). He spent the greater part of a day on Gifts of the Spirit and it was probably the best teaching I’ve heard on the subject. There is so much bad teaching (or no teaching at all) on the topic of Spiritual Gifts, and Sam Storms did an excellent job of teaching it. Just as a side note, he’s written a couple of books on the topic: The Beginners Guide to Spiritual Gifts and Convergence: Spiritual Journeys of a Charismatic Calvinist.

From Re:Train #7

Great dinner with Seattle friends Andrew & Beth Thompson (& their son Henry & baby expecting), along with Chad Pearce (a church planter & Re:Train friend from Wichita, Kansas). Watched a movie and reviewed some of the teaching from the day.


Joined with Redeemer Church people for worship. Great group of people. Sunday afternoons are all that busy at the border. Snapped this picture as I was heading past the Peace Arch.

From Re:Train #7

I decided to take the scenic route home via Victoria. I had a great visit with my friend Chris Synasael (Youth Pastor @ Saanich Baptist Church) @ Serious Coffee. Then we carpooled to the church for “Encounter” (their evening service). They had a great day of both planned and spontaneous baptisms and I was priveleged to join them for their 3rd service of the day.

Traveled home in a storm (again).

Oh, and this happened to my phone while on my way to Seattle. If anyone knows why I don’t have wi-fi anymore, let me know.

From Re:Train #7

Next trip I take my family with me! Yay!

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