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Gospel Identity: We All Have Identity Issues | from Jonathan Dodson

May 11, 2010

Gospel Identity: We All Have Identity Issues.

This post (click above) from Jonathan Dodson, pastor of Austin City Life is very helpful.

I’ve been talking about being identified with the Gospel in a Bible Study thats been meeting at my house on Thursday nights and Dodson does an excellent job of describing what that looks like in real Christian community taking from the example of Edward Norton and Brad Pitt in the movie Fight Club as a starting point.

It requires identifying sin, confessing it and fighting together to root ourselves in Jesus. Here’s a quote:

We all have identity issues. Many of us have created an alter ego. It’s more subtle than Norton’s, but it’s an alter ego nonetheless.

This alter ego contends for our identity. It pulls at your heart, your longings. It tells you that if you were just a little more like this or that, then you’d be somebody. If you were better looking, if you were more successful, if you were married, if you were more spiritual, if you had more of a following on Twitter or Facebook, then you’d be somebody.

Get your identity rooted in the Gospel, the only place to find true redemption. Be an active part of your Christian community and fight hard alongside your brothers and sisters bringing the Gospel fully to bear on one another’s lives.

Read the full article here.

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