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Re:Train Reflections #6

May 7, 2010

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February 25 – 28, 2010

The few weeks leading up to this time in Seattle were full. I preached three times in the evening service at Campbell River Baptist Church & also was VERY privileged to preach the gospel at my wife’s grandmother’s funeral and among other things, my son Dexter turned 6!

This was the week that we had Pastor John Piper as our prof.

From Re:Train #6

All I can say was…you should have been there. It really was an amazing opportunity to sit under such great teaching about the Pastor as Preacher. In one of our lectures, Pastor John talked about his own personal call to preaching and as I listened to him talk, it really helped me to clarify more specifically that God is calling me to preach and herald the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world in which I live.

Friday morning before classes, Andrew Thompson & Chad Pearce & I were able to go for breakfast to a very nice (and packed out, I might add) restaurant. Awesome Egg’s Benedict. Yum…may not go back there for a while, though…places like that tend to break the bank.

And we were early to class, so we helped the Production Manager guy set up a bit & he gave us a tour of the “backstage” at Mars Hill Ballard. Below is a picture of their “green room,” which apparently used to actually be green, but found that having toys, a fridge & a way more artistic environment was more conducive. As a Canadian, I was impressed with the red moose.

From Re:Train #6

Here is a pic of a part of their video production room. Everything happens here. Very high tech. Very nerdy tech stuff = very awesome.

From Re:Train #6

Our Friday of lectures ended with a public gathering and a great sermon by Pastor John Piper, which you can view or download on the Mars Hill Website. Yeah, its a good one, so you should click and watch/listen instead of playing app games on Facebook. 😉 (He also spoke on Sunday morning…watch that one too.) Anyway, since it was standing room only & was being watched via Satellite to 2 other campuses as well as being live streamed over the internet, it was kinda a big deal, so they gave us VIP wristbands and moved all our LEATHER club chairs up to the front. So yeah. We had the best seats in the house.

From Re:Train #6
From Re:Train #6

This time I also got to hang out with a new friend & awesome brother, Alan Andersen. Some people say we look the same…he’s just a bigger, more charismatic version of me. Its basically true. But when we went for coffee, we both decided to try a Chai Tea Latte (which doesn’t make sense to call it a ‘latte’ if it doesn’t have coffee in it) with 2 shots of esspresso in it. I honestly don’t know what to call it when I order it because I’ve heart it called by 3 different names, but either way, it is my new favorite drink.

I love this school.

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