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Re:Train Reflections Collection

March 17, 2010

Here are the links to each of my Re:Train Reflections here on my blog:

(I will update this as I get through them. Stay tuned, subscribe.)

Re:Train Reflections #1 – Spiritual Formation with Bill Clem

Re:Train Reflections #2 – Missional Christology with Bruce Ware

Re:Train Reflections #3 – Missional Ecclesiology with Gregg Allison

Re:Train Reflections #4 – Missional Missiology with Ed Stetzer

Re:Train Reflections #5 – Missional Practicum with Mark Driscoll, Jeff Vanderstelt, Scott Thomas, & Rick Melson

Re:Train Reflections #6 – Leader as Prophet with John Piper

Re:Train Reflections #7 – Leader as Priest with Sam Storms

Re:Train Reflections #8 – Leader as King with Rick Melson

Re:Train Reflections #9 – Graduation and Thesis Presentation

You can also view my Re:Train Books Collection.


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