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Re:Train Reflections #5

March 17, 2010

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January 8 – 15, 2010

I started this trip to Seattle, with a detour to the beautiful City of Victoria.

Why? Well, to pray mostly about the possibility of planting a church in Victoria and to visit my wife’s sister & her husband. Their wedding was the first one I officiated! Great to see them having a baby soon & coming up on 5 years together.

I took this picture in Victoria outside of a Starbucks on the corner of Government & Fisgard. I love Victoria, it really is a beautiful city.

Spent part of Saturday downtown Victoria at the Bay Centre. Bumped into an old friend, had lunch & talked church planting. Awesome.

Sunday morning I watched God paint the sky while I was on the 7:00am ferry heading to Tsawwassen. I managed to grab this pic with my iPhone.

I was getting on such an early ferry because I wanted to get to Bellingham in time to catch the gathering of my cohort leader’s church, Redeemer Church.

It was great to worship with my brothers and sisters in Christ in Bellingham and go out for lunch afterwards as well. This picture is Rob praying at the end of his message. Check out Redeemer’s website, listen to a sermon. Good stuff.

It was nice to spend the day in Bellingham with some friends who I’ve met through Rob at Redeemer & also meet Rob’s wife Kati and their 3 children (they’re awaiting on an adoption process for their 4th). It was great to spend time with a church planter and his family and ask questions and eat and pray with them.

Next morning, I got up at 4:15am so I could pick up Rob and get to his 5:00am Missional Community leaders’ meeting. That’s right, 5:00am. Those guys are committed. Awesome.

So Rob & I headed to Seattle to catch a week of Mark Driscoll, Q & A with Mark & Grace Driscoll as well as a good day with Jeff Vanderstelt. So much good stuff.

Mark Driscoll talked a lot about the same stuff he covered during a recent Mars Hill Staff Retreat. It was super practical and super helpful. I can freely share this with you because its on the Mars Hill Church Blog. This is all really good practical stuff for any Christian who wants to organize their life a bit better for the purpose of living the life that God is calling them to. Even though the title is “Organizing a Silence and Solitude Day, ” its not all about silence and solitude. There’s some really good nuggets in there like “4 Ways to Live Your Life,”  & “4 Ways to Change Your Life.”  I’ve actually had the privilege of doing 2 full days of silence and solitude with a couple “modified” days and I can say it is well worth it…if you take it seriously.

It was a privilege to visit with Pastor Mark Driscoll and his wife Grace and their children at their house (with the rest of the Re:Train people). I was able to ask Grace some questions and listen to her perspective on how things have been for her as a wife of a church planter and how raising kids together with him has been in the midst of it. She is super helpful and her heart is gold. I was also able to chat with Pastor Mark about some of the things that he had talked about earlier that day during lectures. It was great.

Jeff Vanderstelt is one of the Pastors of Soma Communities in Tacoma, WA. I absolutely love the model of church that they’ve got going down there and am considering it as a model if I ever end up planting. An interesting point about Jeff Vanderstelt (for any BC Fellowship Baptist people reading this), he was mentored and worked in ministry with Pastor Bill Clem for quite some time.

All in all, an awesome time.

On a side note, I went to an IMAX 3D movie with a good friend, Andrew Thompson…we look so lame, I know.

And these are the dogs of the very gracious and hospitable people I stay with “Ju Ju” & “Rome”. They’re on my bed.


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