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Re:Train Books #4

March 16, 2010

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Here is the list of Books I read for my Re:Train class with Ed Stetzer in November 2009. (I know…late). I’m listing most books now through Google Books…its easier for you to find the best prices that way as well as preview them if there is a preview available.

Missional Church, Darrel Guder, et. al.

Many have referred to this book as a foundational work for all missional church studies done today. Although it is a mite academic, it is still quite helpful. One of the particular things I found interesting was that they included some of the differences and similarities between the Canadian church & the American church. On a whole, it does a good job of grounding the reader in a foundational study on the missional church. If you’re reading anything with “missional” and “church” in the title, you’ll be reading quote from this book.

“The Meanings of Missional,” Ed Stetzer.

This is a 5-part blog by Ed Stetzer. Its a good read. I’ll tell you strait away, the best 2 posts are part 1 & part 5. If you’re looking for a good read, dig into the comments on each of the entries. Some of its great, some of it isn’t, but you’ll get a good sense of the many varied ideas of what “missional” means as well as some strong and not so strong opinions.

“The Missional Church,” Tim Keller.

This short article is a very well written piece that provides us with a good succinct look at historical foundations leading up to what the missional church ought to be about today. Here’s a good quote: “We don’t simply need evangelistic churches, but rather ‘missional’ churches.” And he goes on to give 5 ways a church can be missional vs. merely evangelistic.

The New Testament.

Thats right, we had GOT to read the entire New Testament! I’ve done it a number of times before, but it was good to sit down and plow through it again. When you read through quickly, you get a larger perspective of how the whole New Testament works together…very enjoyable.

The Open Secret, Lesslie Newbigin.

This is another one of those books, or at least authors that you will find being quoted often. This is an easy read originally given as lectures for men and women preparing for missionary service. It is clear and concise while encompassing a broad perspective of what the mission of God is all about.

Breaking the Missional Code, Ed Stetzer & David Putman.

I highly recommend this book. You should buy it. Stetzer & Putman work together to bring hard facts and real-life examples together in an effort to help the local church thrive in its context. Here’s a quick quote from the preface: “…the way you do things does impact your ability to reach your community effectively.” (p.1-2) The idea is that as we look at the successes of certain churches and failures of others (or our own), we must work at making the HOW we gather together a part of the conversation. I recommend this book for any church that cares about the people around them. 😉


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