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Re:Train Reflections #4

December 20, 2009

Click here to view the Re:Train Reflections Series.

This trip to Seattle was in the middle of November (a little late with the update).

My last session was a lesson in redundancy, well, not really, but the title of the class was “Missional Missiology“. The avid blogger & Twitter-user Missiologist, Ed Stetzer was our FAST-talking professor. I estimated his speed to be around 120wpm because on a good day, I can type 100wpm, but there was no way I could keep up with him. Someone in our class on one of our Google Waves posted a poll asking if it was like drinking from a firehose…I voted YES. His blog is located at and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to read a lot on the mission of the church and keep up on current issues that the church (mostly in North America) is facing today.

Driving down was great. I borrowed a car from Pastor Robin Martens from my church. Nice guy for letting me borrow his wheels (& for letting me wake him up @ 2am on my way home).

One of the highlights of my trip was the visit I had with a new friend, Scott Lindsay. More on that in my post titled, “Breakfast in America & Logos Bible Software.”

Class start was late, so it was nice to have a relaxing drive to Seattle…not rushed.

Friday night class was fun. It was an “open session,” meaning that anyone could come. Basically, Stetzer preached on “Representing Jesus and His Kingdom…it was great. You can get the video or audio here. The students of Re:Train were a privileged group of guys because the Mars Hill crew moved all our comfy leather chairs up to the front & gave us restricted access wristbands. It was cool. After we came back from dinner, people from Seattle were filing in & not a few people tried to sneak into one of the leather chairs. But in a very Mars Hill way, the security guards made sure that only those with wristbands were in the privileged seats.

Saturday after class I was invited to go to Pastor Scott Thomas‘ house to watch another UFC fight. Good times with some good brothers from all across the US. Its always good to connect with the A29 guys.

Sunday morning I started my drive home. I caught the morning service at South Delta Baptist in Tsawwassen and got to hang out with a Church Planter and his family all afternoon. Mark & Erin Clark are planting a church in South Surrey through a partnership with South Delta. Awesome story there & great group of people launching out to plant. South Delta is one of the churches in the denomination I’m a part of that is actually doing what it takes to plant churches. I’m super excited to see what God is doing through them.

My Sunday night drive home was no “Sunday drive”. It was very stormy. The ferry was late leaving and long going. Now, I’ve driven up and down Vancouver Island many-a-time…but I’ve never seen rain like this. It was late, but I’ve never had to go UNDER 60km/h (37mph) on the highway. It was RAINY! It was actually so windy that it was blowing my car back and forth in the lane I was in. I was glad to get home @ 2am.

Thank-you for reading this and keeping updated on my sometimes adventurous and sometimes not-so-adventurous adventure on my trips to Seattle for Re:Train.

Please continue to pray for me and this journey that the Lord is taking Keely and I and our children on. If you missed it, be sure to read the post titled, The Door Opened.

John 3:30


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