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Breakfast in America & Logos Bible Software

December 15, 2009

On my way down to Seattle in November, I had the pleasure of visiting with a new friend, Scott Lindsey of Logos Bible Software.

This was definitely a highlight of my trip. Scott and I somehow met on Twitter (you can follow him on Twitter here & me here). I can’t remember how…but I was probably tweeting about Re:Train or Logos bible software or coffee or something & he picked it up and contacted me. He graciously gave me a place to stay on my way down to Seattle. It was cool…I met his family, his wife & some of his son’s friends who are in a band together as they were rockin it out in the basement. (Reminded me of my younger punk-rock band days where we played in an attic…that’s a story for another time).

Main reason for the visit? Scott helped me out with installing my newly purchased Logos Bible Software. He gave me a tour of a bunch of the cool things Logos 4 can do. If you’re a Pastor, Elder or a layperson who loves to study the Bible, I’d say pick up a copy of Logos because its amazing. I’ve actually got a whole theological library on my computer now! No more carrying piles of books back and forth from my office to Starbucks to my home. Plus the iPhone app sync’s with your whole library. So cool.

So the next morning, Scott and I had breakfast at a truly American restaurant called the Horseshoe Cafe. Apparently he doesn’t recommend the coffee there because after we ordered, he ran across the street & brought in a couple coffee’s from Starbucks (a coffee love we share). There’s also some open-access computers in there that have no filters on them at all & since the place is open 24/7, you’re likely to see anybody looking up anything on the computers in there…a little sketchy…but a very cool place nevertheless. The music was amazingly fitting because while I was being introduced to a yummy American breakfast, “biscuits & gravy,” Supertramp was playing “Breakfast in America.” Hilariously good times.

Then…the much coveted all-access tour of Logos Bible Software in downtown Bellingham. Scott introduced me to almost everyone we bumped into. Logos is a lot bigger than you may think it is. I think we wandered through 3 or 4 buildings in downtown Bellingham that were filled with people. From the (very nice) board room to the snack room to the customer support center, to the software development offices (where I bumped into another friend of mine, James Van Noord).

Because of Scott’s position at Logos, he kinda knows a lot of people. I mean a LOT of people. He knows a pile of famous people too. And for being a guy who could name drop with the best of them (if he wanted to), he is not that guy. He’s humble and the one thing I noticed most about Scott is that he wants to see people know Jesus more. He gets excited to talk about churches (and pastors who lead them) that are reaching the lost for Jesus name sake. I was encouraged to talk to a man who travels lots (almost as much as Ed Stetzer), knows piles of famous people personally, but loves his family and Jesus more.

All around, good times…great friends. I look forward to hanging ’round B-Ham again sometime.


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