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Guy Time at the River

November 27, 2009

When the John Hart Dam is open, that means the Campbell River is in flood.

It was a beautiful Friday morning, so I decided to take my two boys Levi (8) and Dexter (5) up to the Campbell River, and then the John Hart dam to have a look. They don’t always have the dam open, so it was quite a sight.

My son Levi is very inquisitive about natural facts and the creation that God has made. My son Dexter is very inquisitive about how manufactured things work. It was the perfect mix for “guy time” this morning.

“Guy Time” is when I take the boys and we go hang-out or do something, just the three of us. Its loads of fun.

From Guy Time @ the River

Today we started went to the Campbell River because the dam was open and I love seeing a river in flood. Me and the boys got kinda dizzy looking down at the water when we were standing in the middle of the bridge. I am amazed at the power a lot of water can do. We stood still and could feel the bridge shaking a little. Dexter said, “Yikes!”

He also stopped dead in his tracks when we started up the trail and saw these signs: “Uhh…what does that sign say?” He was pointing at the little one on the bottom left.

From Guy Time @ the River

We then drove up to the top through Elk Falls Park to see and stand on top of John Hart Dam.

From Guy Time @ the River

It was loud, and cold, but sunny and bright. And all we could say was things like, “Thats a lot of water.” and “Wow!”

From Guy Time @ the River
From Guy Time @ the River
From Guy Time @ the River

We then walked back to the van and saw a Bald Eagle bathing in the lake, but before I could get a good shot of it, he got up out the water. I don’t think eagles like to be seen bathing.

From Guy Time @ the River
From Guy Time @ the River

I love hanging out with my boys for “guy time”. I pray that I will have many more days like this.

See the whole picture album here.

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