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Re:Train Reflections #3

November 18, 2009

Click here to view the Re:Train Reflections Series.

Missional Ecclesiology was the topic of my last trip down to Seattle (October 23-24, 2009)at Mars Hill Church’s Resurgence Training Center (Re:Train). Our prof was Dr. Gregg Allison.

I was blessed by the beautiful gift of Airmiles to me (from my awesome Dad), so I took an airplane. Because of the short jaunt to Vancouver, then to Seattle (45min each), the small prop planes increased my faith during the rough weather. It didn’t help that I could see through the cab to where the pilots were with red lights flashing on and off & being able to see the runway move back and forth across the windshield (= scary).

I got in touch with a Re:Train friend (from Kansas) through theCity who was also arriving in Seattle around the same time as I and we shared a cab. Even though we shared, the final cost was more than $25. I hate having to pay so much for cab rides.

While in Seattle, I get to hang out with a lot of very cool MarsHill people. And I would just like to say this once and for all…that people who say negative things about Mars Hill Church may never have met the people that make up the church itself. These people truly do love Jesus and his church. They exist to be a city within the city that loves the city for Jesus…and they’re doing it. We can learn a lot from these people. I know this because I got to visit with a group of guys and a couple of their wives, a pastor, a couple community group leaders and deacons on Friday night. Andrew & Beth Thomson were gracious hosts.

There was a lot of talk this time about the Church. Gregg Allison submitted seven aspects of the church (I hope to post more about this later, but you can click on the link at the top of this post to find out more now). Bottom line? The church belongs to Jesus Christ and he is its builder.

I had extra time on Saturday night, so I was able to spend some time at Pastor Scott Thomas‘ house with some of the fellow Acts29 church planters (& other potential planters like myself). Him and his wife were gracious to host.

Sunday morning, I was pleased to be able to go to the Mars Hill Church Lake City Campus. I met pastor James Harleman (who is the guy who does very cool movie & theology stuff at the campus and the Cinemagogue Website) and was pleased to worship with the believers there and take in a service at one of the sites of a multi-site church. Very cool, and not much different from what you’d expect to see at a church that is not multi-site.

On my way back, I had a bit of time in the Vancouver Airport, so I checked out some of the cool 2010 Olympic things going on. Besides piles of construction inside & out, they had displays of soapstone Inuit carvings. One interesting display case had a person praying, an angel and some other interesting things in it. But the coolest one was this one.

Overall, it was good times once again in Seattle. The Lord provided safety in travel, and times of reflection and growth.

Stay tuned for more.


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