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The Courageous Heart | My Notes

June 15, 2009

I took notes at our latest regional convention (April 2009) for the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist in BC & Yukon (FEBBC/Y).

The first night I was pleased to fellowship & worship with many of our Pastors & workers over dinner (provided graciously by Baptist Housing) as well as enjoy a brief message from our Regional Director, David Horita. Below is the gist of his message to us and my notes. I take no credit for this good stuff, but at the same time cannot quote David verbatim because these are my notes from his message. Either way, he has given me verbal permission to post my notes from his message. Enjoy! 🙂

This message was based on 1 Samuel 17…the account of David and Goliath.

The Courageous Heart


  • David had courage. David had words to say, and acted on them.
  • We (as leaders in churches) are called like David to have great courage and go down into our valleys & fight the Goliath’s in our lives, churches, cities and regions.
  • 200,000 new people moved into the BC region last year. We need to dream about what God might do through us in such potential-rich environments like ours. We need to be “dreamers of the day”…imagining what God can do through us…having the courage to say a few words about it…and acting on those words.

1. A courageous heart is developed through use (1 Samuel 17:31-37)

  • David trusted in God, not in himself.
  • God is faithful, we have faith in him, not in ourselves.
  • We only truly prove our faith when we act on our faith in God, so what are we waiting for?
  • Want to be more courageous like David? Act on your faith in God.

2. A courageous heart generates resistance (1 Samuel 17:28-30)

  • All Israel was on the hill, not one of them had the courage (acted out faith in God’s faithfulness) to get down into the valley and fight Goliath.
  • When David came out, his own brother resisted him.

3. A courageous heart resists the pressure to be like everybody else (1 Samuel 17:38-40)

  • The fact may be that you aren’t like everyone else, you truly are alone because everyone else is up on the safe hillside, when you are down in the valley.
  • One sad truth is that many of those on the hillside have lots of ideas and suggestions as to what you ought to be doing & how you ought to be doing it.
  • Church planters are an example of men who really need to believe in what they are doing.
  • We need to be willing to do what needs to be done (for the sake of the gospel).

4. A courageous heart is confirmed at the crisis points of life (1 Samuel 17:41-51)

  • The result of the action is not the determiner of whether or not one has a courageous heart…
  • The act of going into battle is where the courage is confirmed

Some of the Valley’s we (FEBBC/Y leaders) are afraid of:

  • being accountable
  • church consultations because it may show weaknesses
  • dealing with complex issues
  • acting on passions with wildness (even though there may be a pursuit/passion that constantly burns inside our hearts)
  • giving up total control of our lives, churches, schedules…all of it to God and his purposes.

David Horita is convinced that:

  • we need to be far more courageous and passionate.
  • we can leverage our collective strength for a God-honouring impact.
  • we are writing the next chapter of what God is doing in BC/Yukon

History will tell of how we trusted God & acted on it.



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