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“Does going to church matter?”

October 30, 2008

I say…wrong question.

There is a website directed at what has been referred to as the “Goodbye Generation“. I like it. There are some things discussed there that tweaked my interest, so I put in my two cents worth. Below is my response to the question & discussion starter, “Does going to church matter?” You can also visit the website and view my comment in their discuss section.

Hope you enjoy.

Does going to church matter? Hmm…Does going to the bar matter?

This is our problem–we have come to the point in Christendom that “church” is a building we go to in order to receive religious goods and services. That is not nor ever has been the Biblical definition.

The church is not a building there for us Christians to go to in order to feel better about our lives we live in the world. WE ARE THE CHURCH and we are here for the world.

Without true community, there is no church.

Church is the community of faithful believers who walk as Jesus did when they are not in the building.

You’ve asked the wrong question here. The question is not “does going to church matter”. The question we should ask here is “DOES BEING THE CHURCH MATTER?”

When we talk about giving up on the church as we know it (and believe me…I’m there), we need to be willing to ask the right question.

If we are talking about turning our backs on certain methods and structures for the sake of reaching the lost, I am there. But if we’re talking about turning our backs on a community of believers in Jesus Christ, I am not there.

BEING the church matters.

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